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About Us

Company History

THEODOSOPOULOS ARTGREKA was founded in Athens, in 1950, by Blasios Theodosopoulos. At first the company’s main occupation was casting bronze, but gradually its activities were branched out into the field of trade by manufacturing bronze decoration and gifts products.

In the early ‘80s, THEODOSOPOULOS ARTGREKA is already established in the field of decoration and the offspring of Blasios, Nikolaos Theodosopoulos, is now in charge. The new manager’s restless spirit and his mind of deep insight, led him to a very daring step. He converted THEODOSOPOULOS ARTGREKA to a company that produces bronze tourist items of folk art.

The company’s successful response to this challenge established it, in a very short period, in the top of the production of bronze sculptures.

Company Profil

THEODOSOPOULOS ARTGREKA produces hand made bronze sculptures of high quality. The widest range of our collection is a reproduction of ancient Greek sculptures that exist in museums all over the world, and another part is items inspired by ancient Greek mythology, manufactured by us or sculptors.

All our products are handmade and have a museum-like oxidization.

Our extremely competitive prices are due to the fact that we are one of the fewest companies that all stages of production –from casting bronze to packaging- take place in our facilities.

THEODOSOPOULOS ARTGREKA has gained the trust of a large share of the Greek market, while in the last 10 years it has cooperated with companies all over the world.



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